Submarine Control
SEAWOLF (SSN21) goes to sea with a SeaServices Control System on board  ...
And so does the VIRGINIA Class, equipped with the new Joystick Mode of control pioneered by Dr. Ware, assisted by Dr. Ryan Kim of Spitfire Tech, Inc.
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The USS Jimmy Carter, shown below, is equipped with Auxiliary Maneuvering Devices which are controlled by  the  SeaServices-designed special Low-Speed Algorithm.  The LSA has been tested at sea and has demonstrated outstanding performance.   our text.
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For the past 50 years, Dr. Ware has been the primary designer of all automatic ship control algorithms for US Navy nuclear submarines.  Submarines beginning with the LOS ANGELES Class, through the OHIO Class, the SEAWOLF CLASS including the USS JIMMY CARTER Low-Speed Algorithm, and now the VIRGINIA Class, utilize Dr. Ware's designs.

SeaServices has recently completed upgrading the steering and diving algorithms for the OHIO Class SSGNs and SSBNs to the VIRGINIA Class standard.  This will include a new Data Validation Algorithm and a special Low-Speed Algorithm.  
SeaServices has completed the multi-configuration control algorithms for the Virginia Class in order to adapt to ships with and without the Advanced Swimmer Delivery System (ASDS) shown here mounted on a LOS ANGELES Class Attack Submarine,

SeaServices is now developing an algorithm for taking the next missile-launching submarine from 2SQ to 1SQ - 1SQ is the missile-launch condition.  For the first time, an automatic control algorithm will take over complete control of ship maneuvering functions, including main propulsion, at the push of a button.
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